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1966 Mustang Coupe Installation Photos
Sequential photos of installation

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Stock mustang fuel capTime at beginning of installation.Remove stock cap and remove 5 screws secureing filler tube. One of the five will be removed from inside the trunk.Remove upper and lower hose clamps.Remove filler tube being careful not to allow dirt to fall into gas tank opening.PPlace base onto panel and install 5 screws provided.  Install new filler hose and band clamps between new cap base and gas tank. Tighten band clamps.Screw cap back onto base and orient cap as desired, i.e. with latch up, down, or side.Tighten set screw(s).Another view of tightening set screw.Finished installation.Time when installation finished.  Total of 15 minutes.View of cap open, locking cap removed.View of cap open with locking cap inserted.Another view of locking cap inserted.View of cap installed , latch oriented down.
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